Tutor Training for Students of Integrated Design

What is the role of the tutor in project-based learning, where exactly is his or her place in the complex web of relationships? How can the tutor best fulfil the sometimes conflicting expectations and requirements of the students and the professor?

These are some of the questions that were addressed in a two-day workshop offered for prospective tutors of KISD (Faculty 02). The workshop was organized and conducted by the ZaQwW (Centre for Academic Qualifications and Advanced Training) as a co-operation between the two departments Schlüsselkompetenzen and Sprachlernzentrum.

Ten highly motivated students who were all experienced in project work reflected on and discussed five aspects that are crucial to project work at our university: The project, project-based learning, the team, the product and of course the tutor. The students gained knowledge about the different aspects of co-operating in diverse teams. In student-centred and task-oriented activities they explored ways of how to apply their knowledge and their experience to problems that might occur when supporting students who work on a project.

After two days of intensive co-operation students and trainers alike were quite pleased with the results of their team work and would be very much interested in meeting again once the students have taken up their jobs as tutors.

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  1. I found this course an amazingly fast and effective way to learn methodologies of tutoring. This was also due to all really very nice people in the group that brought in all of their knowledge. This turned out to be a fundament in this well organized course. Recommended!

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